MP6815 150 x 105 x 40cm 499Kg Car Trailer (SY150)

MP6815 150 x 105 x 40cm 499Kg Car Trailer (SY150)

  • Meets and exceeds the new type approval legislation (supplied with a Certificate of Conformity & VIN plate).
  • Best combination of load space and weight capacity.
  • Camping, leisure and light commercial car trailer.
  • 150 x 105 x 40cm External box size.
  • 145 x 100 x 32cm Internal box size.
  • 2205 x 1340 x 890mm Full size.
  • Unladen weight 77kg.
  • Load space area 1.45m2.
  • Load space volume 0.46m2
  • Load capacity 422kg.
  • Supplied flat-packed and easy to assemble with simple instructions.
  • Maintenance free rubber suspension.
  • Robust, corrosion-resistant galvanised steel construction.
  • Recessed lights.
  • Non tipping and a tailgate that flips upwards.
  • Extensive range of accessories and spares.
  • Full Manufacturer’s Warranty and technical support.
  • Suggested jockey wheel
  • Erde ref SY150

In order to receive the correct spare part, you will need to identify the trailer model number (MP or SY) AND the axle brand on the trailer.  This is marked on an identification plate on the axle.

MP89430BL – AJBA 5 Pin Left Hand Bulb Combination Lamp
MP8943BR – AJBA 5 Pin Right Hand Bulb Combination Lamp
MP69013B – Front Rectangular Reflector
MP69025B – Side Rectangular Reflector
X6815-10 – Fixing Kit
MP80 – Pressed Steel 50mm Coupling
MP1979B – 90mm Coupling Skid
MP21B – 12N Type 7 Pin Plastic Plug
X6815-06 – Non Tipping Bracket
X6812-01 – Mudguard
X6815A1 – Floor Panel
X6815A2 – Front Panel
X6815A3 – Left Hand Side Panel
X6815A4 – Right Hand Side Panel
X6815A5 – Tail Gate
X6815-16 – Axle
MP68152 – 400×10 Wheel & Tyre Fits MP6815 Trailer
MP69022 – Hinges
MP69012 – Tailgate Catch
MP1824B – Taper Bearing Kit
MP69016 – Knott Hub
MP69023 – Knott Hub Cap
MP69004 – M10 x 1.25 x 22 Wheel Bolt (Pk 4) Erde Axle Only
MP69003 – M10x1.25 Spherical Wheel Nut
MP69002 – M10 x 1.25 x 29 Wheel Stud (Pk 4)

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