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Maypole is proud of it’s great heritage of manufacturing and distributing products which are supplied into Automotive, Trailer, Towing, Leisure, Marine and Agricultural markets. The company was founded in 1969 and one of the first products produced was a trailer lighting board. 50 years later we are still producing these boards, except these days there are over 100 different designs and we produce in the 10’s of thousands (not 10’s!).

Over the years the company has gone from strength to strength, starting off in tiny premises in a suburb of Birmingham called Maypole. Hence the company name – not very original, but we like it. Gradually the company expanded through various sizes of premises, until in 2008 we moved into our current 50,000 sq.ft. warehouse and office complex in Woodgate Valley, Birmingham.

The product range has also expanded from less than 100 lines to nearly 3000. This grows year on year in line with market trends and government legislation. We have a large customer base with whom we actively deal and communicate with, which helps us produce and source the products they require that is needed in the market.

Our proudest boast is that we are still dealing with some of our original customers and some of the original staff still work for us.

We pride ourselves on being “The UK and Ireland’s Leading Towing and Touring Company”



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