MP20315 Heavy Duty Cast Steel 60mm Coupling


Bellows, Dampers, Breakaway Cables, Secondary Couplings, Drawbar and Coupling Accessories.

  • Couplings

    Couplings (14)

    Unbraked and braked trailer couplings.
  • Bellows

    Bellows (10)

    Vented bellows allow air and water to be forced out on compression when the brakes are applied. During a trailer inspection check the condition of the bellow for splits and tears and replace if damaged.
  • Dampers

    Dampers (17)

    We supply quality German over-run coupling dampers manufactured by STABILUS
  • Breakaway & Secondary Cables

    Breakaway & Secondary Cables (16)

    A breakaway cable is a legal requirement for all braked trailers and caravans.  In the event of coupling detachment it is designed to apply the handbrake of the towed vehicle before allowing it to break away and come to a stop. A secondary coupling is a legal requirement for all unbraked trailers. In the event of coupling detachment it is designed to keep the towed vehicle attached to the towing vehicle. Our secondary coupling are constructed from 5mm steel wire-rope.
  • Drawbar & Coupling Accessories

    Drawbar & Coupling Accessories (5)

    Coupling skids, plug keepers and soft docks.