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Car Accessories

Our range of products for cars including: battery chargers, start chargers, power packs, jump leads, breakdown essentials, compressors, reverse cameras, inspection lamps, car covers, wiper blades, bike carriers, roof bars and roof boxes!

  • Battery Chargers

    Battery Chargers (18)

    The increasing demand on car batteries from advanced vehicle electrics means that regular maintenance is required to prevent a flat battery. Maypole offers a comprehensive range of battery chargers to suit a wide range of vehicles that tests, reconditions and charges a battery. Traditional lead acid batteries are no longer the only battery type available. For vehicles with STOP/START technology, batteries need to deliver a high power performance. With this in mind, some of our battery chargers are also suitable for AGM and GEL batteries. All of our chargers are independently inspected for electrical safety. Why buy an Electronic Smart Charger? With traditional battery chargers, during charging the voltage increases and the current decreases progressively, without any control from the charger. With electronic battery chargers the charging cycle is fully controlled.

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  • Start Chargers

    Start Chargers (4)

    Our range of start chargers.
  • Lithium Ion Power Packs

    Lithium Ion Power Packs (4)

    Safely jump start engines with our range of lithium ion power packs that can also be used as power banks.
  • Jump Leads

    Jump Leads (22)

    A wide range of booster cables and jump leads for various uses.
  • Breakdown Essentials

    Breakdown Essentials (46)

    Breakdown essentials including: ratchet straps, recovery towing straps, tow ropes and vehicle horns.
  • Compressors

    Compressors (19)

    Maintain and monitor tyre pressures. Essential for safety and fuel efficiency.
  • Vehicle Technology

    Vehicle Technology (8)

    Parking sensors, reversing cameras & dashcams
  • Inspection Lamps

    Inspection Lamps (12)

    Inspection lamps and work lights.
  • Vehicle Care

    Vehicle Care (32)

    Car covers, seat covers, boot liners and more.
  • Wiper Blades

    Wiper Blades (9)

    VisionPro flat wiper blades and kit that are simple and easy to fit.

  • Bike Carriers

    Bike Carriers (10)

    M-Way and Maypole bike carriers.
  • Roof Bars

    Roof Bars (35)

    Our range of roof bars including vehicle specific and universal.
  • Roof Boxes

    Roof Boxes (8)

    Maypole supply G3 roof boxes, as well as a roof bag and other accessories. These products are ideal when extra storage is needed when on the road and the car is full. All of these products have excellent quality features that set them apart from the rest.
  • Welding

    Welding (27)

    Our range of welding products including: air hoses and fittings, safety wear, welding wire and welding tips.
  • Air Hoses & Fittings

    Air Hoses & Fittings (14)

    Gas cups, CO2 cylinders, couplings, connectors, air blow guns and air hoses.