MP201L Integral Coupling Lock

Security Products

We have a wide range of security products including: wheel clamps, hitchlocks, parking posts and steering wheel locks. We have a Maypole range and also Stronghold which is Sold Secure approved and recognised by insurance companies.

  • Stronghold Security Products

    Stronghold Security Products (20)

    [caption id="attachment_19689" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]stronghold security products Designed in the UK and manufactured to the highest standards, Stronghold is a leading name in caravan, motorhome, vehicle and trailer security solutions. The range includes wheel clamps and hitch locks intended for securing caravans, motorhomes and trailers. Created in 1987 Stronghold products have continually been improved and developed to meet the demands of an ever changing market place. We provide competitive products that give the consumer the right level of security at the right price and insuring peace of mind. Our products are inventive and feature creative new approaches to vehicle security.[/caption]
  • Maypole Security Products

    Maypole Security Products (32)

    A wide range of Maypole security products including: steering wheel locks, van door locks, hitchlocks, wheel clamps, parking posts and locking wheel bolts.