MP265 490L x 140W x 200H 8″ Single Plastic Mudguard


Rainflaps, single mudguards, steel mudguards and tandem mudguards.

  • Rain Flaps

    Rain Flaps (2)

    Spray suppression rain flaps
  • Single Plastic Mudguards

    Single Plastic Mudguards (7)

    Injection moulded in durable high density polyethylene single plastic mudguards.
  • Tandem Plastic Mudguards

    Tandem Plastic Mudguards (8)

    Our range of tandem plastic mudguards is manufactured from fully recyclable, chemical resistant, UV-stabilised polyethylene.  These lightweight and flexible mudguards are easy to fit a wide variety of trailers, including horse boxes, cattle trucks, utility trailers etc. Supplied in pairs only.
  • Steel Single Mudguards

    Steel Single Mudguards (3)

    Our range of fully galvanised single steel mudguards features rolled edges for safety, strength and rigidity.