MP9723 42mm Heavy Duty Smooth Jockey Wheel

MP9721 48mm Heavy Duty Smooth Jockey Wheel



MP9723 42mm smooth heavy duty jockey wheel suitable for professional trailer applications up to 400kg static nose weight
42mm smooth outer tube diameter
215mm height extension range
120mm handle extension
200 x 40mm tyre size
400kg max static load capacity
Rugged and durable construction
Ergonomic & distinctive Maypole blue handle grip
Ultra-smooth winding, heavy duty ball-race thrust bearing
Enhanced clear zinc plating gives 300 hours red rust resistance in salt spray testing
High quality rubber tyres on rivetted steel rims
Market leading static load capacities
Grease nipple bearing lubrication inlet
Handle rotation prevented by heavy duty R clip and chain assembly
Maypole branded tyres
Suitable for use with MP97438 cast clamp (not supplied)

Spare wheel MP97236