MP128JB Professional 12V 13 Pin Plastic Plug

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  • 13 & 8 Pin 12V Connectors

    13 & 8 Pin 12V Connectors (16)

    13 & 8 Pin European style plugs and sockets are increasingly replacing the traditional 12V Normal (N) and Supplementary (S) 7 Pin system. This change is due to Type Approval Regulation 48 stipulating that all braked trailers and caravans, as well as all trailers over 6m in length, must be fitted with reverse lights. 13 Pin connectors are widely used in caravan applications with auxiliary power and charging circuits. These circuits have been removed from our 8 Pin connectors, which are therefore more cost effective for trailers applications. As a single connector now incorporates all the functions that previously required two, space is saved and installation is simpler. 13 & 8 Pin connectors also feature a twist and lock system that is more secure than the 7 Pin system and its integral rubber seals resist ingress more effectively, resulting in a longer lifespan. All our 13 & 8 Pin plugs and sockets comply with ISO 11446.
  • 7 Pin 12V Connectors

    7 Pin 12V Connectors (22)

    The 12V Normal (N) and Supplementary (S) 7 Pin connection system has been used in the UK for many years.  Whilst being gradually superseded by the 13 Pin system, this traditional system still remains widely used. The 12N system connects all lighting functions, with the exception of reverse, which is part of the 12S system. The 12S system also connects a caravan's charging circuits. All our 12N plugs and sockets conform to ISO 1724 and our 12S plugs and sockets conform to ISO 3732.