MP8272B 10-30V LED 7W Round Interior Lamp

Trailer Lighting


We supply a complete range of essential trailer lighting products from the latest LED designs to replacement bulb options and big brand names Truck-Lite, Radex, AJ.BA and many more. We also manufacture trailer lighting harnesses and boards in our onsite production facilities.  We offer standard boards and harnesses as well as bespoke options, so if you don’t see it on our website or catalogue please call the sales team.

We recommend all customers take the opportunity to include a range of alternative lighting components either within their initial application or amendment to guarantee maximum design flexibility and continued compliance.

Read the NTTA’s useful guide on Trailer lighting requirements

  • LED Trailer Lamps

    LED Trailer Lamps (153)

    Our full range of LED lamps including: outline marker lamps, marker lamps, combination lamps, fog lamps and number plate lamps.

  • Bulb Trailer Lamps

    Bulb Trailer Lamps (97)

    Our range of bulb lamps including: marker lamps, outline marker lamps, combination lamps, fog lamps, reverse lamps and number plate lamps.
  • Trailer Lighting Pods

    Trailer Lighting Pods (9)

    Our range of LED, bulb and magnetic trailer lighting pods.
  • Truck-Lite

    Truck-Lite (13)

    Truck-Lite is a global leader in the design and manufacture of lighting systems servicing the automotive and commercial vehicles industry. Maypole are now working in partnership with Truck-Lite to offer their range of quality rubber based lamps, many suitable for Ifor Williams trailers.
  • Beacons & Strobes

    Beacons & Strobes (32)

    Maypole has a comprehensive range of LED and halogen beacons suitable for a wide range of vehicle applications.
  • LED Worklamps

    LED Worklamps (9)

    Maypole has a range of high intensity long life LEDs with a daylight colour output of 6500K.
  • Light Bars

    Light Bars (8)

  • Trailer Lighting Harnesses

    Trailer Lighting Harnesses (41)

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    You manufacture the trailer, we will light it

    Maypole has a long history of providing trailer lighting solutions and we manufacture harnesses in-house, using different connectivity options for example Radex, AJBA, Aspock, Deutsch and SuperSeal.

    Our technical team work with you to find a solution that meets the requirements of your trailer.  We have a dedicated production area equipped with automatic crimpers and computerised cable cutter to assemble quality wiring looms as well as extension leads. We offer a wide variety of lamps and harness options as well as Type Approval advice and support.

  • Trailer Lighting Harness Lamps

    Trailer Lighting Harness Lamps (59)

    We supply a wide range of trailer lighting harness lamps including: Radex, AJBA, SuperSeal and double click connect lamps.
  • Trailer Lighting Boards

    Trailer Lighting Boards (62)

    Maypole are one of the leading trailer board manufacturer's in the UK.  We offer everything; a complete bespoke service such as a detachable board for a 20ft trailer, to a basic cycle carrier board.  We have it or we will manufacture a board to your specification in our in-house production facilities.

    We have a large range of trailer lighting board options from LED, 13 Pin, varivolt lamps, to profiled end caps.  Our technical team offers advice and support on board / lighting installation, Type Approval boards, technical drawings and approval documentation.  Talk to our technical team to see how they can help you with your requirements.

  • Reflectors

    Reflectors (33)

    Our range of reflectors including: with mounting holes, self adhesive, rectangular, oval and round.
  • Replacement Bulbs

    Replacement Bulbs (4)

    Our range of replacement bulbs for lamps.