MP2870 PCT ZR2500 Logicon Towing Interface Module

Towing Relays

We stock a range of relays used in vehicle towing electrics;

Audible / Tell-Tale Relay

Audible relays buzz in time with the vehicle’s indicators when connected. It is a legal requirement to have either a visual or audible monitor fitted so the driver is aware that the indicators are working on a trailer or caravan.

Bypass Relays

Bypass relays are used to switch trailer and caravan lights on and off.  The relay is connected to the lighting circuit and only draws a small current meaning it cannot be detected by bulb failure sensors in most vehicles.  All bypass relays can be powered using either the battery or fuse box. A fused 12v power supply required for installations.

Electronic Bypass Relays

Exclusive to Maypole, these relays are compatible with LED lamps on a trailer. Only for 12v vehicles and easier to replace if the current relay is faulty.

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