MP7425 5A (6V/12V) Electronic Smart Charger

Fully automatic dual voltage smart charger recommended for a wide range of vehicles.

  • 5A Smart Charger
  • 6V/12V suitable for lead acid/ GEL & AGM batteries
  • Automatic 5 stage charging cycle – automatically detects the battery voltage & condition before re-conditioning, charging & maintaining the battery.
  • 4 charging modes;
    • Slow charge (1A)
    • Fast charge (5A)
    • Winter slow charge (1A)
    • Winter fast charge (5A)
  • LCD display
  • Suitable for motorbikes/cars/vans/motorhomes up to 3L (3000cc)
  • Start stop compatible
  • Built in safety features – overload, reverse polarity & short circuit detection
  • 1.5m leads with interchangeable insulated crocodile clips & ring terminals

Download Instructions

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