MP990 Small Nylon Car Top Cover

MP990 Small Nylon Car Top Cover

  • Small water resistant nylon car top cover. Strong and lightweight, water resistant, and ideal for frost and snow protection
  • The water resistant fabric does not absorb moisture meaning that water, snow and frost can be shaken from the cover when it is removed
  • Max size L283cm x W118cm x H54.5cm
  • 100% UV stable nylon for superior weather protection
  • Elasticated hem
  • Complete with 4 elasticated straps with fixing hooks for a windproof secure fit
  • Quick , easy to fit and takes up very little storage space when stored
  • Reinforced stitching for extra strength
  • Protects against frost & snow, UV rays, rain & wind, smog & dust and birds
  • Handy storage bag for when not in use


Fitting Instructions

  • Ensure that all aerials are fully retracted or removed
  • Allow car to cool before fitting the cover
  • Pull the cover over the car and secure to one end of the vehicle to a suitable fixing point using the elasticated fixing hooks
  • Pull the cover towards the opposite end of the vehicle and secure using the other elasticated fixing hooks
  • Secure middle elasticated fixing hook


  1. Should not be fitted during high winds.
  2. Do not fit to a wet or a recently re-painted vehicle
  3. When fitted for long periods it is recommended that a cloth under sheet be used